School of Finance: A Lesson in Boat Financing

Boat Financing

A lesson in the basics of boat financing can benefit everyone considering buying a boat.

If this is your first boat purchase and the first time you have sought a boat loan, you’ll be wanting to know where to start, who to ask, what it costs and what’s available.

If you have had a boat loan before you might be wanting to shop around this time for a better deal.

Maybe you currently have a boat loan or commercial marine finance deal and wanting to review it by comparing what else is available.

Lessons in boat loans can save you time and money!

Save time at the outset by contacting a specialist marine finance broker who can do all the shopping around for you.

Boat Loans

Financing is available for all types of boat purchases, both for individuals making a private purchase or businesses purchasing vessels for work purposes.

      • Sailing boat loans
      • Power boat loans
      • Houseboat loans
      • Commercial vessel loans
      • Small boat loans
      • Large cruiser loans
      • Racing yacht loans

International Purchases

Many people are taking advantage of boat sales websites and the large number of both new and used boats for sale on the international market.

Loans can be offered for international purchases and a finance broker is ideally positioned to handle the more complex details of such a transaction.

If you’re considering buying from overseas, an initial discussion with a finance broker will provide you with further information on what is involved.

Private Boat Loans

Not all banks and finance companies offer specific products to cover boat loans. If not, you may be offered a product at a higher rate than you would be from a specialist marine lender.

A finance broker has access to specialist marine lending products and is a good first port of call.

Commercial Marine Finance Deals

There are a range of commercial finance products available for businesses and a finance broker will discuss the specifics with you and outline which may be best suited to your company structure.

Arranging your boat loan through a specialist marine finance broker offers many benefits.

  • Wide range of loan products
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Flexible loan structures
  • Pre-approved loans
  • Fast approvals
  • Independent advice

New and Used Boat Loans

Finance is available for both new and second hand boats so you can take advantage of the wide range of excellent vessels in the used market.

The age and type of boat may be taking into account when applying for a boat loan from some banks and finance companies. Speak with a finance broker for an independent opinion on your particular purchase.